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LERC is one of the best dedicated DAY CARE SURGICAL FACILITY in UAE, which is situated in Dubai Healthcare City IBN Sina Medical Complex Building 27. We LERC commenced its service in 2005. LERC is highly equipped with state of the art medical equipment.


State Of The Art Technology

The specially developed laser system used for the ReLEx procedure is the Carl Zeiss VisuMax® femtosecond laser. In Femto-LASIK surgery it has already impressed patients and physicians alike with its sophisticated technology, its precision and its reliability.


Low Vision AIDS Products

If your family member or friend has a vision loss, he or she needs to be empowered to do as much as possible independently. Recognize the challenges of vision loss, but don’t take over their tasks. Instead, help identify the adjustments they need to make to maximize their difference.
May 9, 2015

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Special Contact Lense For Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus Causes- Who Get It?
Keratoconus is a usually bilateral, progressive, non-inflammatory pathology of the cornea leading to its thinning and ectasia.
The actual incidence of KC is not known. It is not a common eye disease
May 9, 2015

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Clients Who Love Us

What a wonderful find this clinic is! I had Ultralasik surgery there at noon on Friday and by 7pm was happily watching TV with zero pain and perfect vision. I cannot recommend the surgeon and all of the staff there highly enough! Professionalism at every instance and such a warm and friendly atmosphere in the clinic. I felt totally taken care of all the way through. It's been a life changing experience for such a small amount of money. I would recommend this place to every one that wants to ditch the lenses and glasses. Thanks guys! X

Andi Wilson

Got my eyes done here. Very happy with the results. A bit painful a few hours after the surgery which is to be expected but was completely fine and pain free the morning after and I could see clearly for the first time in years

Lana Aziz

HI, I read some bad feedbacks that surprised me, my experience was a way better than perfect.
The service, the doctor is well skilled, the kindness of the staff, the follow up, let's say the price too… 🙂
NO PAIN at all even after the operation, like when you go for a hair cut.
It's simply amazing.
Now already a week … it's a life change.
I recommend it

Ahmed Nassim

My experience was very good with Femto LASIK Surgery, Dr. Ahmed did a great job even my case was very challenging, follow ups were great with full check every time, the whole team is very caring and professional, I would recommend Laser Eye and Research Center for everyone looking for highly experienced doctors along with very caring staff, thanks to all for your efforts and special thanks to Ms. Eman for her outstanding caring. All the best

Beth Fegel

I got the advice for this place from a colleague, what gave me the confidence to go there. The consultation was free, but making the appointment was 500 AED. This was subcontracted later from the final amount, I informed myself upfront and decided on the "Femto LASIK" due to the better healing conditions.

The clinic was well organized and I felt well taken care of all the time. The first 5 hours after the operation were tough for me but after that I could sleep well. On the next day I was ready to drive again. After one week the dry eyes were gone and I could almost see as if I hadn't been operated.
Today I had my third check up and everything is fine.
Since I am German I wouldn't say the clinic had quite a German standard (only concerning the facility and the consultation), but the value is great. I can fully recommend the laser eye care & research center.

Btw I can also recommend staying at the Hyatt Regency Creek which was accessible by foot, if you are like me not from Dubai.

Frank Dormeyer

I am one month post surgery today and I must say that it is was the best decision I have ever made. I was skeptical and nervous at first but experiencing a lifelong struggle of wearing contacts and glassess for the past 10+ years, I decided the time was right. I selected Lasik Eye Care and Research Center as they have a good offer and positive reviews from clients as well.

I had my initial consulation and was informative and put me at ease. Actual procedure only lasted for less than 10 minutes. I didn't feel a thing or any pain at all. My eyes are still healing and it gets better and better everyday. The surgery was absolutely worth every penny.

I would highly recommend Lasik Eye Care and Research Center from start and after care. Special shoutout to Dr. Ahmad El Sawaf and their amazing staff. A massive thumbs up and thank you for letting me see again!

Violette Grijaldo

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As a leading eye center in the Middle East, Laser Eye Center aims to help you improve your vision while decreasing the dependency on glasses and contact lenses. We’re here to help you achieve 20/20 vision to see life more clearly and cherish every moment of it.

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Intra Laser Medical Center – Abu Dhabi
Delma across Al Karama, Vila 1/218
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Laser Medical Center
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Entrance D Clinic No. 2004

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